Ladies Luxury Holistic Facials

Tranquility – Calming and Soothing Aroma this is natural bath oil blended with Sandalwood, Rosewood and Ylang Ylang

Lavender – Sweet slightly heady aroma. Great for Migraine, headaches, stress. Is balancing, soothing, calming and renowned for its relaxing qualities. This very popular natural bath oil, is also an excellent skin rejuvenator and antiseptic which can be used for all skin types.

Rose – Smells absolutely delicious, elegant aroma to calm and soothe your senses. This is quality bath oil.  The Rose Absolute contained within this oil is an ingredient used in the finest of perfumes and expensive skin care products.  Has a wonderful soothing action and instil a sense of peace, happiness and comfort

   Jasmine – Has a delicious oriental aroma which will calm and uplift the senses. Relaxing sensual and romantic oil,  Jasmine     is one of the more expensive oils used in skin care preparations.


Why not help purify, hydrate, rejuvenate, relax, detoxify, de- stress,

and help anti age with a Luxury Facial

* Do you have normal, dry, oily, sensitive or combination skin?

* Suffer from breakouts, congestion, pores, blackheads, dull complexion, dry patches or in anything just in general ?

* Just want to relax and enjoy a well deserved pamper with the benefits of a rejuvenating facial treatment?

Be safe in the knowledge you are in professionally trained hands, using professional ethically considered products tailored to your individual requirements.

An assessment of your skin type will be undertaken and the correct product will be chosen from the following.

You will receive a luxury deep cleanse, exfoliate, mask, warm towels, massage, tone and moisturise. This is not just any facial  - its holistic and highly relaxing!

Julz Therapy uses professional KAISO products

Nourishing Hydrating Facial

Ideal for normal to dry skin

Balm Mint - organically cultivated can offer anti -oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects

Cotton - holds moisturising and hydrating properties with anti-redness effects

Aloe Vera - legendary for its powerful moisturising and nourishing properties

£40 - 50 mins

Delicate Calming Facial

Ideal for sensitive skin

White Nettle organically cultivated with softening, anti itching and astringent properties

Mulberry organically cultivated with properties to help improve skin tone, microcirculation and moisturisation

Pomegranate a recognised natural astringent with excellent moisturising benefits

£40 - 50 mins

Holistic Balancing Facial

Ideal for oily combination skin

Willow Bark - a natural astringent with anti-bacterial properties

Mallow -  benefiting for ultra moisturising properties to help lock in moisture

Cucumber - renowned for its moisturising, energising, detoxifying and softening properties

£40 - 50 mins

Anti Age Facial

A moisture rich facial to nourish re -hydrate and help skin stay young. Contains natural extracts to moisturise and help improve skin tone while promoting elasticity.

Leaves skin feeling thoughouly rehydrated and a bright youthful appearance

Effective for everyone even those with the most sensitive of skins.

£40 - 50 mins

Quick Stop Facial

Ideal weekly or fortnightly treatment for that in between visit or quick refresh

Cleanse Tone Mask and Moisturise

£30.00 - 25 mins - Islip nr Thrapston Kettering Northants - Contact me

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